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Eccotarp – Gallery

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Photos and videos

Collapsible spill bund ECCOTARP ET

Date 2018-09-14 | This collapsible spill bund is designed for a quick response to accidental leaks of water, oil-based products and chemicals. Unlike plastic or metal containers it has the advantage of fitting round any object, regardless of shape..

Spill bund Cargo EUR and Cargo DP

Date 2018-09-17 | The shape and size of the CARGO variant has been specially designed for use in industry and transportation. Unlike the red ET spill bunds the CARGO has a different system for collapsing the corners. The corners are not sealed and so the tarp can easily fold around the pallet that can be handled afterwards by pallet-poolers and forklifts. From a small parcel it is possible within a few seconds to assemble a container with a generous capacity of 210 litres (EUR variant), alternatively 300 litres (DP variant).

Collapsible antistatic tank Eccotarp ET A

Date 2018-09-13 | This collapsible antistatic impounding tank is designed for the protection of persons and objects in the event of undesired leakage of water, petroleum products or chemical substances. It is made of a special antistatic foil that ensures its prescribed conductivity for its use in environments with higher fire or explosion hazard...

Large Surface Folding Pool for Retrieval of Spilt Liquids ET Large

Date 2018-09-13 | The special folding pool is primarily designed as a mobile environmental protection device especially suitable for quick response to accidents wherever the environment is threatened by leaks of hazardous substances into soil and/or water...

IFF – Industrial Folding Funnel

Date 2018-09-13 | Serves as a mobile funnel for use in hard to reach places. Especially suitable for capturing liquid from ruptured pipes. The IFF is portable, foldable, light weight and can be attached to the folding stand. It is resistant to technical liquids, chemicals and all petroleum based products such as heating oil, diesel, hydraulic oil, gasoline, etc.

Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

Date 2013-07-08 |

Eccotarp video presentation

Date 2012-10-01 |