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Eccotarp – Gallery

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Photos and videos

Antistatic tank ET 02 A

Date 2019-07-16 | Compilation video tutorials

Antistatic tank ET 061 A Cargo EUR

Date 2019-07-16 | Compilation video tutorials

Eccotarp - Foldable products for solving of leakage of dangerous substances

Date 2019-05-17 | Eccotarp products are primarily designed for use by rescue teams and fire-fighters, but also to prevent leakages of industrial liquids in transit and storage. We produce shape adaptable spill bunds of various sizes, dispenser carts, folding funnels, drain covers and high capacity tanks.

Collapsible antistatic tank Eccotarp ET A

Date 2018-09-13 | This collapsible antistatic impounding tank is designed for the protection of persons and objects in the event of undesired leakage of water, petroleum products or chemical substances. It is made of a special antistatic foil that ensures its prescribed conductivity for its use in environments with higher fire or explosion hazard...