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Eccotarp – Gallery

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Photos and videos

Eccotarp - Foldable products for solving of leakage of dangerous substances

Date 2019-05-17 | Eccotarp products are primarily designed for use by rescue teams and fire-fighters, but also to prevent leakages of industrial liquids in transit and storage. We produce shape adaptable spill bunds of various sizes, dispenser carts, folding funnels, drain covers and high capacity tanks.

IFF – Industrial Folding Funnel

Date 2018-09-13 | Serves as a mobile funnel for use in hard to reach places. Especially suitable for capturing liquid from ruptured pipes. The IFF is portable, foldable, light weight and can be attached to the folding stand. It is resistant to technical liquids, chemicals and all petroleum based products such as heating oil, diesel, hydraulic oil, gasoline, etc.

Industrial Folding Funnel

Date 2012-10-26 |

Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

Date 2013-07-08 |

Eccotarp video presentation

Date 2012-10-01 |