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Collapsible spill bund ANTISTATIC

The Collapsible spill bund ANTISTATIC is designed for impounding, transferring or short-term storage of hazardous substances as well as ordinary technical, petroleum and chemical products. It is made of a special antistatic foil that ensures its prescribed conductivity for its use in environments with higher explosion hazard.

Main advantage


  • Quickly assembling even in places that are hard to access
  • Shapeable construction
  • Integrated handles for easy handling
  • Easy to handle lock with double securing closure

Technical details

Tanks are made of special PES/PVC material with high conductivity (electrical resistance is smaller than 10⁹ Ω). Used components are made of non-sparking materials. Tank and components are antistatic and designed primarily for environments with increased risk of explosion. Their sides have welded elements reinforcing the shape. The temperature range for using the Collapsible spill bund ANTISTATIC is from -10 °C to +70 °C.

Product variants
The antistatic tanks are supplied in different sizes. The types “ET 02 A” and “ET 061 A CARGO EUR” are in compliance with the German standards, Beladungsnorm DIN 14555-3:2016-12 (Rüstwagen RW) and DIN 14555-12:2015-04 (Gerätewagen Gefahrgut GW-G).


Fire brigade
Liquidation of Accidents