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High capacity tank with collapsible structure

The tank is suitable, for example, for helicopter firefighting using the bambi sac or for repumping materials at places difficult to reach.

Main advantage


  • Rapid assembly
  • Low weight
  • Simple and robust structure is made of a light alloy and stainless steel
  • Packed construction takes minimal space
  • Volume of 5 000 – 35 000 litres

Technical details

The bund is made of a highly resistant PES/PVC material providing the temperature range of use of -30 °C to +70 °C. The material is resistant against chemical and oil substances (see Chemical resistance certificate), thereby providing enhanced potential of use in environmental accidents. The tank can be filled very quickly using the filling elbow with C52 (B75/other) end piece in the upper part of the structure. A fill / discharge valve is located in the bottom part of the tank. As an optional accessory, the tank design can be equipped with a holder of ferrule of fire hose. It is an above-standard construction designed especially for the purpose of firmly anchoring the position of the ball valve with the valve at the bottom of the tank. Thanks to this element, there is no danger of coming out of the holder of ferrule of fire hose of the tank tarpaulin even at full load. If the tank is not placed on an even surface, installing a protective pad under the bottom of the tank is recommended.


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