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Temperature alarm

The device is intended e.g. for monitoring the battery temperature of an electric car, especially after an accident or malfunction, as fire prevention and checking the status of processes in the battery. After startup, the device indirectly registers the battery temperature by measuring the temperature of the car floor and automatically sends a report in the form of SMS and e-mails to up to 5 recipients at regular intervals.


  • Continuous monitoring of the battery status – after 6 hours it sends a regular report on the status of the car‘s floor temperature
  • 3 temperature sensors for surface inspection of the vehicle
  • Warning message about exceeding the set risk temperature to up to 5 recipients
    If the battery capacity falls below 20%, an automatic message about the need to charge the device is sent
  • Siren and beacon as optional accessories – in the event of an ALARM announcement (when the temperature is exceeded), the device will also use a light or sound alarm at the same time as the sent warning messages
  • It allows you to mark an individual name for each device – e.g. the license plate of the car in which it is located
  • Initial administration is done simply via an external keyboard

Technical details

The device contains its own electronics and software that constantly monitors the temperature through 3 temperature sensors. The device is equipped with a slot for installing a SIM card and automatically connects to the relevant telephone operator after start-up. After connection, the parameters of the device can be set using the external keyboard (device name; temperature level at which the alarm message is sent; telephone numbers; e-mail addresses). The casing of the device is made of durable painted steel. The device has 2 USB inputs, 3 inputs for additional modules (siren, beacon, temperature sensors), a charging connector, 2 ventilation holes and an antenna. The battery is a standard part of the product. Operating time per charge is 3-5 weeks and is related to specific conditions of use (temperature, signal strength). When the battery capacity drops below 20 %, the device sends an information SMS. An external keyboard and a 100 to 240 VAC power adapter are included in the delivery.

Principle of operation

The device was developed for monitoring and recording the state of battery temperature in electric vehicles. It is possible to measure and record temperatures from -30 °C. The device measures the temperature through 3 temperature sensors. These are placed in the interior of the car so that sensor 1 is on the floor at the level of the driver, sensor 2 is on the floor at the level of the rear seats and sensor 3 is on the floor in the luggage compartment of the car. After startup, the device continuously records the temperature of the car‘s floor and regularly sends a report after 6 hours about the temperature of the sensors and the battery charge of the device to up to 5 registered recipients. If the set temperature level is exceeded, the device immediately sends a warning message in the form of SMS and e-mail. If a beacon or siren are connected at the same time, they will be activated. The temperature measurement interval is set to 1 minute by default.


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