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Eccotarp – quickly
and easily captures hazardous substances

Výhody Bonus: compact when stored, enormous when deployed

  • We offer mobile folding products that are designed to protect the environment in case of an ecological disaster.
  • Products of Eccotarp group are made from PVC with a special surface treatment, which is resistant to petroleum based substances, chemicals, acids and alkalis.
  • Products are primarily designed for use by rescue teams and fire-fighters, but also to prevent leakages of industrial liquids in transit and storage.
  • We produce shape adaptable spill bunds of various sizes, dispenser carts, folding funnels, drain covers and high capacity tanks.
  • Original products are protected by utility model and trademarks.


FDIC Indianapolis 2020, USA

The Eccotarp in the USA project and Eccotarp World project

Select field of application:

Fire brigade Liquidation of Accidents Transport & Logistics Industry Construction Hobby Sea Water & Forest


NEWS! - level indicators in our bunds measure both - liters and gallons



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